The Schmid system concept

Optimised performance thanks to verified Schmid quality.


Central discharge


Screw discharge

  1. Silo infeed: Either via the silo lid, negotiable push feeder floor or customized solutions 
  2. Silo discharge: Fuel silo with push feeder floor discharge (hydraulic drive) or alternative discharge variants. 
  3. Fuel feed: Depending on the fuel properties with transport screws, double screws or scraper chain conveyor 
  4. Schmid furnace system: Compact firing system with automatic boiler tube cleaning. Low NOx and low-particle firing technology for low NOx and dust values. Multi-cyclone integrated for flue gas dedusting.
  5. Personal Touch control unit: Improved control and monitoring system with 5 control circuits and touch panel. The interaction of these control circuits and the optimised furnace values guarantee high efficiency with low emissions.
  6. Automatic de-ashing: Ash removal from the furnace and removal of the dust particles from the multi-cyclone either centrally or separately – depending on system size - using an ash container or tank. 
  7. Flue gas cleaning: Flue gas cleaning with suitable filter system to ensure compliance with statutory requirements of the Clean Air Ordinance

Mobile Container installation - compact and flexible

Ready-to-use, mobile heating system. Can be set up anywhere

  • Moving grate or underfeed stoker furnaces in various sizes
  • Fuel container in different versions
  • Compact heating systems from one supplier
  • For larger systems with light-weight construction hall
  1. Container heating plant 
  2. Fuel container
  3. Drive push feeder floor
  4. Hydraulic push feeder floor 
  5. Fuel feed 
  6. «Personal Touch» control 
  7. Biomass boiler
  8. Ash container 
  9. Distribution pipes
Container Furnace type Length
in mm
in mm
in mm
CON-1 UTSK 180-550 kW
UTSR 100-360 kW
7700 2400 3000
CON-2 UTSK 700-900 kW 
UTSR 450-550 kW
8700 3000 3500
CON-2 UTSR 700-900 kW 8700 3000 4000
Fuel container Volume Length
in mm
in mm
in mm
CONS-30 30 m3 5900 2600 2700
CONS-40 40 m3 7400 2600 2700
CONS-60 60 m3 7400 3300 2900

The silo discharge and conveyor systems are of great importance. Depending on the spatial conditions and the type of fuel used, we will offer you the perfect discharge system. As conveyor systems we use scraper chain conveyors or transport screws depending on requirement. What is important are robust, strong and fuel-specific drive systems to ensure smooth operation of the system.


Push feeder floor discharge system: negotiable or nonnegotiable push feeder floors in tried-and-tested design with hydraulically driven push feeder ladders gliding on special, non-wearing inserts.


Silo discharging screws: these are used for high discharge requirements in circular silos in the mid to upper operating range.


The bent-arm discharger, a very robust circular discharge system, is an inexpensive alternative for small to mid-range systems. It consists of articulated arms and a sweep auger.


The discharge is carried out via a transport screw. The laterally adjoining sloping floors must have an even surface and appro-priate angle of slope. Application in particular when using pellets with small to medium operating ranges.

Crane systems


In addition to the widely used fuel discharge systems with push feed floors, Schmid energy solutions also offers fully automatic crane systems for the following tasks:

  • Storage of fuels from unloading points and pits.
  • Loading and unloading of fuel silos according to fuel or storage time.
  • Removal and loading of fuels onto the furnace transport systems. 

Depending on the type of fuel, either shovel or bowl grip arms are used with load capacities between 5 and 8 tons. The product range includes standard systems for:

  • Silo sizes up to 22 metres wide and 30 metres in length 
  • Handling rates of 50-80 m³/h

Large plant systems can be developed individually with the customer.

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