Our Service for you!

Please find an overview of our After Sales Services below.

Commissioning and initial adjusting of new installations and instruction of operating personnel Additional adjustments and monitoring of the system for some time after commissioning

Throughout the entire lifetime of the product - We won't let you down! Our service engineers are available to you around the clock and 365 days a year in order to keep downtime to a bare minimum.

During business hours you can reach us via the respective hotline at your installation site. Outside business hours, our 24 hour on-call service is always available to you.

Thanks to high and long-term availability of spare parts, we guarantee fast response times and short downtime. Additionally, we offer you tailor-made packages of spare parts in order to further increase the availability of the system.

We will gladly fix the date for a service at an early stage for you so that we can ensure that it happens, and that we have service technicians available. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote! You can choose between the two different service levels which we offer:

Service Careful inspection of individual system components such as the furnace, the conveyor system, the silo discharge, the silo distributor, the loading and unloading conveyor, the silo lid, the chipper, the industrial extractor, the container lift and any safety equipment.

Benefits to you:
• takes place outside the heating period 
• therefore less unplanned downtime for you 
• early detection of defects and any errors, to ensure reliable heating operation

Service & emissions maintenance Here too, our staff check all system components and also adjust the installation with regard to burning quality, low emissions and optimum efficiency.

Benefits in addition to those of level 1:
• longer service life thanks to optimum control behaviour and efficiency of the system
• emissions maintenance in order to comply with the limit values defined in the Swiss Clean Air Act.
• official measurement carried out with our competent staff in attendance.

We will gladly assist you in gaining a better understanding of your system and its controls in the context of a training course. You will learn about the interrelation between the main variables and the process of wood combustion. Our training courses are customised to your specific needs and cover, amongst other things, subjects such as control, or servicing and maintenance to achieve a trouble free and high service life. Our target audience includes equipment planners, system supervisors and chimney sweeps, or anyone generally interested, for example those studying in various specialist areas.

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