Steam boilers are used particularly in industrial processes. The steam is used for example for drying, heating, etc., of a product.
A steam boiler is a closed heated container, which serves to produce water vapour of higher than atmospheric pressure or hot water with temperatures above 100 °C for heating and operational purposes.
If the steam boiler is used for generating steam, then the term ‘steam generator’ is used. Depending on the use of the steam, either saturated or superheated steam is generated in a steam boiler.

Standard series

As an addition to our UTSR combustion chamber for fuels with W30-W60, we also offer the following standard saturated steam boiler range:

  • Low pressure 3-pass boiler with an operating pressure of 5-8 bar and a capacity of 0.4-2 t/h

  • Medium pressure 3-pass boiler with an operating pressure of 10-13 bar and a capacity of 1.6-7 t/h
  • High pressure 2-pass boiler with 15-17 bar and 2-7 t/h

All boilers are manufactured in accordance with the latest safety standards and equipped with the latest safety features. Special emphasis is placed during the planning stage on automatic cleaning of the entire system. This ensures high efficiency and long boiler running hours.

We will also be pleased to provide you with the following installation accessories:

  • Feed water vessels with degasser
  • Sludge cooler
  • Feed water pumps
  • Steam valves and fittings

Feed water tank



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