Take advantage of our years of experience for overall planning. We will select the most effective solution for your project from all the available components. We will be happy to show you some custom-designed reference systems.

Pneumatic cleaning system


Clean boiler tubes are essential for the service life and efficiency of a system. All boiler tubes are cleaned with periodic compressed air pulses during operation.

Automatic ignition


Up to 900 kW nominal capacity and up to a maximum fuel moisture content of M 35, electrical industrial hot air blowers are available for igniting the fuel in the combustion tray or on the moving grate. From a nominal capacity of 900 kW and up to a maximum fuel moisture content of M 55, ignition burners run with propane gas can be used for the UTSR and UTSW combustion systems.

Automatic under-grate de-ashing


Automatic discharge of the ash below the moving grate with the moving floor system directly into the grate de-ashing screw or into a gravity chute.

Automatic de-ashing


Central or separate automatic de-ashing of grate and cyclone ash. With the central version, the ash is discharged mechanically from the combustion grate and the multi-cyclone into a joint ash container on wheels. With the separate version, the ash is discharged from the combustion grate and the multi-cyclone into individual containers.




Economiser for lowering the flue gas temperature and increasing the efficiency by 3 – 7 %.

Flue gas recirculation


With difficult fuels we can also install a flue gas recirculation system to lower the combustion chamber temperature.

  • With fuels with a low ash melting point
  • With dry fuel with a high heating value
  • With systems with urea injection
  • Combined with flue gas condensation systems



During the combustion of wood, nitrogen oxide is formed from the nitrogen in the fuel. The nitrogen dioxides (NOx) can be lowered with the SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction) process. A urea solution is used as a reduction medium and is injected directly into the combustion chamber.

Radiation-vault cleaning system


Automatic pulse-jet cleaning for the fault ceiling. Manual cleaning is then no longer necessary.

Boiler bypass


Boiler bypass to increase the flue gas temperature during the start-up and shut-down phases of the combustion system. This increases the filter availability.

Control unit

The wood firing systems by Schmid have a user-friendly control unit, the PersonalTouch. The proprietarily developed control system is now in its third generation and has a large, bright HMI (human machine interface) with a variety of interface options.

All important data can be obtained via the HMI:


   • setting values
   • measured values

   • events

   • statistics

In addition to the typical regulating and control functions, there are a variety of external interfaces available.


The boiler control reflects the innovation process and is thus subject to constant development. In-house software development makes it possible to innovate continuously and promptly.

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